Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Roger Hutt 90 Day Care UK Striker standing for Health Seat in UNISON NEC elections – Vote 4 Roger

Dear Branch Secretary, 

I am seeking your branch nomination for a male seat on the national executive council
Who I am:- my name is Roger Hutt and I am a shop steward/communications officer for Doncaster and Bassetlaw health.

Let me give you a brief resume of my background:-

I started working in healthcare back in 1982 in the field of learning disabilities and I am a senior support worker entering my 36th year in the same job.

I was actively involved back in 2014 in the historic 90 day Doncaster care uk dispute that became the longest strike in private healthcare history.

I spoke all over the UK raising awareness of our fight against a 25% reduction in our wages, finally speaking on a couple of occasions in parliament raising our profile to even greater exposure and support.

Along this 'journey ‘it has been my pleasure to meet so many amazing individuals who have a philosophy and determination akin to my own.

Many now that I deem as 'kindred spirits' and as a consequence I believe my life has been enriched by their company.

Individuals prepared to 'stand up' in the face of overwhelming Tory austerity, which is given as the reason for the carrying out of wanton destruction of essential public services, our 'national treasure' the NHS once the envy of the world is now perceived as ripe for 'cherry picking' for profit by the donors of the Tory party.

I find it morally reprehensible in a civilised society that the most vulnerable people I have spent a lifetime working and looking after are now deemed as commodities to be 'bought and sold' for profit.

I have stated often 'there but for the grace of god go i' and I stand by it now.

Since the end of our dispute, I have become more actively involved in offering support and encouragement to others facing similar attacks on their livelihoods.

Offering suggestions and ideas that may be of help in empowering others in adversity to stand up and 'fight back'.

I regularly join marches, marches against the TORIES and UKIP at their respective conferences, people’s assembly marches, the Durham miners (supporting the heroic Durham teaching assistants) the anti-trade union bill to name but a few.

On these occasions I see a growing 'groundswell ‘of activists prepared to challenge the discourse and disenfranchisement that the present government is trying to force on the very people it is supposed to defend, marching for the principle that ALL should benefit from an economy.

That only seems to benefit the privileged.

In my many years i have NO regrets most of my time in employ spent in the NHS,I continue to work on the 'shop floor' in a job I still love.

Will we find many of the next generation remaining in one job throughout the length of their professional lives.

In an age of minimum wages and zero hour contracts?

I don't think so THIS is why we must continue to fight back for our next generations as much as for ourselves.

We simply cannot allow to lose any more ground, the loss of over a million public sector jobs has to be addressed.

In this age of vilification of communities and immigrants in particular and seeing an increase in extremist philosophies and a blame culture we must stand together to forge a community fit for all in our great country.

If elected you have my solemn word that I will endeavour on every occasion to speak up for those I represent, for their employment rights and by association basic human rights that ALL should be entitled to.

Thank you for your support

Added thoughts

In recent times I have witnessed the Tory determination to eradicate union opposition to their 'end game'

We are the last bastion of opposition, the gains our union forefathers fought for are being lost, we must not allow this to continue if so, we as the voice of the working class will be no more.

I'm sure ALL reading this will be in agreement.

Nominations need to be made at a quorate meeting of your branch or your branch committee and notified by the 10th of February.

Please contact me personally if you wish to ask me any further questions
E-mail address:- rhutt1@sky.com

I would ask you to consider these who are standing for similar reasons.

National health seats

Neil McAlister (Manchester mental health) for general health seat
Jordan Rivera for female seat

Thank you,

Roger Hutt.

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