Sunday, 15 January 2017

In UNISON? Vote 4 Grassroots Fighter Claire Dixon #UNISON NEC

Dear Unison Branch Secretary,

My name is CLAIRE DIXON and I am asking your Branch of Unison to nominate me for the FEMALE HEALTH SEAT in the forthcoming NEC Elections. 

I am the Branch Secretary of Whittington Health in Islington, North London. I am passionately committed to fight for our NHS!  

I am proud to have fought alongside my union colleagues and the local community to save our A&E from closure not so long ago and stop the sale of half our hospital site.

 As a consequence of privatisation and massive cuts in the NHS, patient care has suffered. Staff in the NHS are totally demoralised and feel undervalued as they are overworked, unappreciated and face down-banding and job cuts. 

The driving force behind the latest ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plans’ is pure economics, to cut, streamline and close. Under these plans many more A&E's including my own will again face the threat of closure. These plans have to be opposed if we believe in the founding principles of the NHS – to meet the needs of everyone; be free at the point of delivery; based on clinical need, not ability to pay.

My own pathology lab where I work is under the threat of being outsourced as are many others under the directive of NHS England. 

Social Care in the community has become almost non-existent. Hospital wards are packed to the rafters as a result. Many patients end up waiting on trolleys for a bed. In the midst of this crisis Tory leader Theresa May says there is no crisis! That is even when the Red Cross have been brought in to help the overstretched (outsourced) London Ambulance Service!

It is time to stand up to all of this, speak out and make it clear enough is enough. We need national action and strong national leadership to fight this. There should be no hesitation in supporting the National March that been called on March 4th to defend the NHS.

We must work with all our colleagues in local government and education who face the same onslaught to bring the struggle together.
change in direction of the union leadership
I am standing for a, one that stands up and shows its teeth in fighting this Tory government and its hateful policies. We must put an end to the pain and misery that they are imposing on millions of ordinary workers and their families.

I was one of the 11 complainants who went to the Certification Office hearing recently over the conduct of staff in the London Region during the 2015 General Secretary Elections. A recording emerged of paid full time union officials and staff openly engaging in a meeting at Unison HQ in London being encouraged to break the rules and mocking other candidates who stood.  We can no longer tolerate such practices.  I stand for a truly democratic and membership led union. 


I am also asking for nominations in health for:     ROGER HUT
                                                                             JORDAN RIVIERA
                                                                              NEIL McALLISTER

Please also support all other UNISONaction Broad Left candidates.

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