Tuesday, 17 January 2017

In UNISON? Vote 4 Grassroots Fighter Gary Padgett #UNISON NEC Elections

National Executive Council Elections
East Midlands Regional Male Seat

Request to nominate Gary Padgett

I am writing to your branch about the forthcoming National Executive Council (NEC) Elections.

Nominations open on Monday 9th January 2017 and close at 5pm on Friday 10th February 2017.

I am seeking election to the East Midlands Regional Male Seat

The Conservative government are privatising and destroying the welfare state. Many young people are minimum wage. Many people receive poor quality services from the private sector. The number of fifteen minute home care visits is on the increase. Sections of the NHS are outsourced and many schools are no longer run by local authorities.

Further planned cuts will take public services back to 1930’s levels. Some local authorities are looking at becoming commissioning authorities only, with virtually all services outsourced. One million people in Britain now use food banks, the majority being people in work.

I oppose all cuts in job, and services. I oppose all forms of privatisation and attacks on pay and conditions and on employment rights. I believe the Health and Social Care Act should be repealed. The £20billion NHS cuts means closures and service reductions; private sector profiteering means healthcare rationing; waiting times increase; targets are fiddled.

It is vital that the full strength of UNISON, other trade unions and the wider community is deployed to stop what is happening, before there are very few public services left to defend.

I am standing for the NEC for the first time.  I previously held the position of Assistant Branch Secretary in my branch, but now I am a rank and file Workplace Rep, not a career UNISON official. 

As well as representing our members, I have participated in many UNISON campaigns such as lobbying parliament against the Trade Union bill and have been involved locally in campaigns to save Lincolnshire Libraries and organising anyi racism campaigns, particularly mobilising against the EDL when they have decided to come to Lincoln. 

I firmly believe that racism is used as a tool by those in power to divide working people so that our anger is directed inwards instead of at those with the power who have caused the financial crisis, and implemented ideological austerity on the back of it. 

I believe we need a UNISON leadership that will give confidence to members that they will be supported by leaders who have a determination to win a fight back. I believe that the current UNISON leadership has failed to do this and as such a change is required

Where uncertainty or low morale does exist, UNISON’S leadership should be going out to the membership to raise the confidence to fight, to explain that there is an alternative to cuts and that we are determined to stop the destruction of our public services by this reactionary, millionaire-led government. 

If elected onto the NEC, my campaigning message will be opposition to all cuts in jobs and services, to all forms of privatisation and to attacks on pay and conditions and on employment rights. I will also push to make sure that UNISON becomes a bastion of anti-racism and a force for bringing together workers

I hope that your branch will agree with my election programme and nominate me. If elected I will campaign for a genuinely member led union, and for the accountability of the union’s leadership.

If you nominate me, I would be grateful if you would send me a copy of your nomination.

Yours sincerely

Gary Padgett

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