Sunday, 2 October 2016

Stressed, knackered energised by Durham TAs

I am knackered mentally and physically, but I am glad I made the trip to Birmingham today.

I have in the last 10 months seriously questioned my continued involvement as a union organiser. But today I talked to Megan and a large group of Durham Teaching Assistants. Listening to them discuss what they have done so far and plan and prepare to win their campaign helped me still believe that workers will fight if you provide the environment and resources to fightback. Their growing confidence and belief they can and must win is infectious and I hope the Durham County council workers facing outsourcing will join their strike at a later date.

I know they are sharing the speaking requests between them, which is great to see and they all bring their own personality to the platform. They are bring a confidence that if I could bottle I would and share it with other workers across the country.

Today it was Megan Charlton I first met Megan at the "Big Meeting" in July. I heard her deliver a cracking speech at a massive rally at Redhills a couple of weeks ago. Today, she stepped up again and delivered a confident inspirational couple of speeches with an ease as if she was doing this every day. The Durham TAs I met today were loud and proud and by God they know how to ROAR!

The trade union movement is waking up to a sleeping giant up in the north east. I know Davey Hopper would be so proud.

Solidarity Durham Lions

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  1. Thank you John for your kind words. The confidence I have found is mostly due to your constant advice, support and encouragement. Thank you for giving me my voice and teaching me how to roar x