Saturday, 15 October 2016

I'm guilty - I support the Durham TAs

You wouldn’t blame workers facing a 25% pay cut feeling powerless, overwhelmed with the injustice, BUT not the Durham TAs. Their campaigning is already becoming legendary, not just because of the injustice of their campaign but the grassroots nature of their campaign. I can’t remember a campaign where so many workers have rolled up their sleeves in such numbers to enter into what is a vicious assault on what are largely low paid female workers.

Durham TAs "Doing it for themselves"

The Durham TAs tell me over and over that it was the late great Davey Hopper who helped them believe in themselves and the power that they have and my word they are “roaring”.

They are roaring so much their campaign has gone national and they are speaking about their struggle at meetings across the country.

Just a brief search reveals their struggle is being reported by the national media.

1. Treated like dirt, these teaching assistants have become the lions of Durham. Aditya Chakrabortty.

2. Teaching assistants on strike: ‘If I don’t fight the pay cuts, I can’t look my daughter in the eye’

3. I’m a County Durham teaching assistant. We deserve to keep our jobs

4. Crowd funding for Durham Teaching Assistants

5. Teaching assistants to be balloted on strike action in County Durham

6. Durham teaching assistants set to strike over pay deal

7. Council's pay offer for teaching assistants rejected

What is amazing is that they have not yet taken any strike action.

They are now being balloted for strike action and the results will be announced soon.
It is vitally important that the Labour movement stay with these workers all the way through to victory.

There is a genuine and easy way to resolve this dispute but the employer seems intent on pushing these heroic workers into strike action.

This is a fight that must be won. In which case we, the labour movement need to help financially.

Keep supporting the campaign on social media, leave comments I can say from personal experience, it really does help morale when striking workers hear messages of solidarity.

Please help ensure Durham County Council don’t silence the Durham TA Lions.#


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