Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Farewell Craig

The day I was dreading is almost over. 

I buried on of my childhood friends. 

His name was Craig Lambert. 

I cried and I laughed at the funeral service. Craig would have called me a "daft bugger" for being so emotional but deep down he was the same. 

I watched his son Kirk bravely conduct himself whilst under so much mixed emotions. I remember when he was born and have always known just how much he was loved by Craig. I am glad Kirk told us all to try not to grieve but to celebrate the positive memories we all have of Craig. A big hearted guy who loved his children. 

Jodi, oh Jodi how brave you were today. To read that poem must have been so hard but you managed it so well, with Kirk to hold on to. 

I know Craig would be so so proud, it would have been understandable if you had been unable to continue reading the poem. But you did it with warmth affection and love for your Dad. 

Alex, you were always there in the background with and for your big brother. Today, I saw just how much you have grown with the support of Paul and I want to thank you both on behalf of me and Wilbur for what you have done for your brother Craig. 

Sharon & Brenda it was so nice to see and speak to you both I could see and hear how much you both still cared for Craig. He was a complex man but he wouldn't "hurt a fly" and I know that you both knew just how much he loved his children. 

Craigs mum. It has been too many years since we last spoke. As you reminded me, we all used to have long chats about life & politics. I don't think I've changed, politics is still part of my life. I know how much you loved Craig and he loved you. Life is never straight forward relationships are not easy. I keep reminding myself I have know Craig 50 years. Apart from the fact that I look much younger 😀, it is a scary amount of time to have known someone. In all that time I can't remember ever falling out. I'd have my chats, whenever I was concerned about him, but we didn't ever have a crossed word. If it didn't come across "I am so sorry for your loss".

Today I met some old faces and some new faces. 

I met Wilf, what a lovely lad, I can't believe that I'd never met him before. He was a rock for Craig, and I am so grateful for all that you have done for him. 

My head is still spinning and it is not the drink!

I want to make a short music video, so if you have a picture of Craig please let me have it. 

I need to sleep, long drive back to London. 

Farewell Craig.  

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