Sunday, 28 August 2016

Let Theresa one of the heroic UNISON NHS Care UK workers #Vote4Jeremy

And so the purge of grass roots activists continues at a pace, this time falling on one of the individuals involved in the historic 90 day Care UK strike in Doncaster.

Theresa Rollinson who is a Health Service Group Executive (SGE) official for unison has been informed that she cannot vote in the upcoming labour leader election.

Theresa fought as all did with so much vigour and determination in defending our public services from the Sharks of the private sector who put profit before people.

During the ENTIRETY of our 90 day dispute we NEVER saw any of the three Doncaster labour MP 's on our picket lines the three being Ed Miliband (leader of the Labour Party at the time), Rosie Winterton and Caroline Flint, to say that a predominantly labour voting picket line was devastated at their inactivity would be an understatement.

This led to disillusionment with the labour movement in Doncaster, surely the first point of reference for ANY MP is defending their constituent’s livelihoods.

But whilst on our travels in our dispute we met a then backbench MP Jeremy Corbyn on quite a few occasions who openly supported our strike action and we had no doubt that had he been our MP here in Doncaster he would have been a frequent visitor to our picket line......this man has re-instilled our belief in a brighter future that ALL can benefit from, not just the privileged elite.

Many if not all of the strikers voted for him in the labour leader election, then to find that he has to stand again after being democratically elected is an attack on the democratic process, we are now finding many activists and lifelong labour members are being systematically targeted as being deemed as not eligible to vote in the upcoming election , this is a travesty and a national disgrace, and as unison members and officials we ask and expect our UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis to intercede in these unacceptable developments

We believe in the democratic process but recent events have led to many feeling that it is becoming more like a dictatorship, this has to be addressed for us and our future generations.

Roger Hutt UNISON 90 Care UK striker

Theresa Rollinson UNISON 90 day Care UK striker

Andy Squires UNISON 90 day Care UK striker