Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Grassroots union members support Jeremy Corbyn & the Magnificent Seven

*****Updated "Magnificent Seven"

Dear friends

Below is a solidarity message from a number of General secretaries of unions that nominated Jeremy whom I have renamed as the "Magnicient Seven"

"As general secretaries of unions that have nominated Jeremy Corbyn to remain as leader of the Labour party, we are writing to explain why the millions of members in our unions and the millions of workers beyond should vote for Jeremy.

We have all known him for many years. He has supported us, stood on our picket lines, celebrated our successes, and campaigned alongside us for trade union rights.

Jeremy’s pledge is to rebuild and transform Britain so that no one and no community is left behind. His commitment to introducing sectoral collective bargaining, and mandatory collective bargaining for companies with more than 250 employees would transform and rebalance industrial relations to make them fit for the 21st century.

For more than three decades Jeremy’s track record and socialist credentials make him the choice for leader of the Labour party. We need a Labour government committed to workers’ rights, social justice, government investment in our manufacturing sector and public sector and good quality jobs. Jeremy campaigns for all of these and is the person to lead the Labour party into government to make them a reality. He is the only choice to get the job done."

1. Mick Whelan General secretary, Aslef
2. Ronnie Draper General secretary, BFAWU
3. Dave Ward General secretary, CWU
4. Matt Wrack General secretary, FBU
5. Manuel Cortes General secretary, TSSA
6. Brian Rye Acting general secretary, Ucatt
7. Len McCluskey General secretary, Unite

Link: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/aug/22/rival-supporters-stake-their-claims-in-labour-leadership-fight

I note the second largest union, my union is not on the list even though I thought we had nominated Jeremy.

As a grassroots Barnet UNISON member I am proud to publicly add my name to the letter printed in the Guardian.

Any other UNISON members or any other trade union members who want to add their name in solidarity, simply leave your name and union as a comment and it will be added in due course.

John Burgess Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON

Dan Hoggan Greenwich Unite

Suzy Franklin co/ Chair Plymouth in unison

Patrick Hunter Convenor Barnet UNISON

Graham Croucher ASLEF Bletchley Branch

Theresa Rollinson Unison

Ian Thomas unison Cardiff and vale health branch and service group executive member

Janette Welsh Unite community

Lisa Dempster Unison Knowsley branch

Helen Davies Chair Barnet UNISON

Andrew Berry UNISON National Labour Link Committee (not in a personal capacity)

Hugh Jordan Barnet UNISON Libraries Convenor

Dan Sartin, Branch Secretary, UNISON West Sussex

Stephen Thomas, UNISON Hartlepool LG

Doug Wright Ex UNISON NEC Member

Jenny Aster Assistant Secretary UNISON City University

Sean Fox Joint Haringey UNISON Branch Secretary

Liz James Barnet UNISON steward

Megan Charlton, Durham Unison

Jordan Rivera, branch sec Homerton hospital UNISON.

Kathryne Wray, UCATT and member of County Durham Trades Union Council

Jennie Antonio, UNISON Birmingham Branch Rep and LGBT Self organising group

Andy Squires, Unison steward Doncaster and Basetlaw Health Branch (ex Care Uk 90 day striker)

Matt Ratcliffe
UNISON Hillingdon LG Branch Sec

David Hughes Local Govt Service Group Exec

Amanda Brown, Branch Secretary Dorset County branch of Unison

Ben Sellers, Secretary, County Durham Trades Union Council.

Roger hutt  unison doncaster+bassetlaw branch

Kieran Crowe, TSSA steward

Alan Gibbons, Author, Society of Authors

Gary Padgett Lincolnshire county Unison branch

Jean Jones  Unite Branch Newcastle upon Tyne

Mandy Berger UNISON Co-Convenor Camden

Ben Jackson UNISON Branch Secretary Manchester Community and Mental Health
Sue Hatherley, member of UNISON
Louis Smyth Barnet Unison schools Officer.
Sue Hatherley, member of UNISON
Claire locke chair London met unison
Adrian Kennett Hull Branch and NEC member Yorkshire and Humberside.
Berny Parkes, Chair, Dorset County Branch Unison
Hayley Kemp International Officer Plymouth in Unison
Hugo Pierre Camden Unison Schools Convener, NEC member
Esther Rey Hounslow Unison Joint Branch Secretary


  1. Sarah Littlewood Hull Branch Unison.

  2. John Stuttle, FoC Guardian and Observer Unite Chapel